Miss Marple is ready to fly anywhere with her Dad who is a pilot.  She’s livin’ the good life…photo taken 2018.

“Palmer” with his baby sister.  Taken 2019.  Palmer lives in NC with his family.

Tree Princesses….Campbell (William x Sallie) and my Grand Niece, Meredith at the Ranch in Florida.  Campbell is on the “lookout” for any tree rats (Squirrels) that might happen to be on the prowl. 2018. 

Sunset with “Winnie” Gingrich at the ocean, 2018.  (MacConaghey x Lulu).

The Duckett’s in North Carolina with “Otis”.  (William x Karma) Jan. 2018


“Sweet Annie” Wiesenthal poolside.  (MacConaghey x Lulu) Summer, 2018.

“Maisie Rose” Campana helping feed the Koi in her yard in PA, taken Oct. 2018.


Summer fun at the “Ranch” in Thonotosassa, Florida.  Taken August, 2017.  From left to right:  Annie, Bacon, Campbell and Shug, all full brothers and sisters.


“Annie” and Meredith swimming at the Ranch with Dad nearby to supervise.  Meredith loves it when Annie dives into the pool and splashes!  Taken August, 2017.

Culps 2016

Dr. Harry Culp and Catharine Culp with “Mason”, “Piper”, “Meg” the Jack Russell and “Palmer”.  North Carolina, 2016.  CH. Felicity’s Johnny Angel sons and CH. Felicity’s Diamond Jim, CD, RAE daughter.

Blossom amongst the sunflower blossoms sept 2017

“Blossom” celebrating the 4th of July, 2017 with her family in New England. 

Crosby and Sweetie Pie Spring 2017

Crosby and Sweetie Pie, 2017…loved by the Desjardin family

Campbell and Annie Birthday kisses
ANNIE AND CAMPBELL ….BIRTHDAY KISSES.  Both are William x Sallie babies from separate litters and reside in Thonotosassa, Florida.  Taken Spring, 2017.

Palmer with his brother and sister 2017 Elissa Queen

“Palmer” with his baby brother, Jack and sister Wilson Kraper, North Carolina, 2017.  Photo credit to Elissa Queen.

Sherlock and Liam Hinkson 2017

Sherlock and baby Liam Hinkson, 2017.  Both are loved by the Hinkson family in Texas.

 Mandy with Roses

 “Mandy” delivering Mother’s Day flowers.  2017  She resides in Massachusetts.

Naptime with GranBob

 My brother, Bob…otherwise known as GrandBob, with his Grandog, “Campbell”.  Shown here at the “Ranch” in Thonotosassa, Florida, Summer, 2016.


“Campbell” and my nephew,  Dr. Rob Hooker taking a ride in the Jeep.  One of her favorite things to do.  August, 2017